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From tomorrow on I will finally have the time to work on something more than sketches and drawing that require days to be finished. And yes, first thing I’m gonna do is FINISH COMMISSIONS. Who thought the end of my school career and my summer life could have been so time consuming? However, yes, I will be “back” tomorrow and try hard to finish the few commissions I still have one a day! LET’S GO!

Also I might open Art Trades for mutuals after that! I miss trades so so so much! D:

My remake of Alphonse Mucha’s print "Princess Hyacinth" featuring the queen of the Woodland Realm as I imagine her to be.
Apparently elves and Art Nouveau work pretty good together! 

Here’s another of my old OCs revamp!
Reviving this one was really fun to do and I’m planning to draw her again because I quite like this unnamed bird-girl! 

Very very quick portrait of another old OC: Ellen Johnson, a groupie from the 70s.

It looks like I’ve been insanely hit by nostalgia lately!
Here is an OC I used to draw all the time in 2009/2010. Her name is Miss Crawford and she lives in Liverpool during the late 50s/early 60s.

Groovy times!

What I’m bringing you today is a bunch of sketches based on that time Lottie, Nick and Norma went to prom and Will remained at home watching Netflix and petting Mr, Sissy Jupe, the cat.

No, he actually secretly went checking his younger sister but nobody knows except everyone.

Actually, just some OC fun, set during the Spring before the apocalypse.

Can you post your own photo?

There’s an entire section about pictures of myself on my personal/reblog blog. 

Prepare yourself.

  · Yoooo

This nerd here is turning 20 today!

I’ll take the chance to thank you all for staying with me! So yeah thanks

A remake of this drawing from last year.

I can’t actually tell where I improved but I think this new one looks, overall, definitely better than the other. And I can declare myself happy of my improvements, even if small, considering this year wasn’t particularly productive art-wise!

Yooooo enjoy my most beloved OCs! 

I made another of those redraw things and this time they’re only one year apart (left one is from summer 2013 and right one is from today) and wowie. Wowie.

Gonna color it when I come back home!

Please show us pictures of Greece if you can ಥ‿ಥ

Hahaha I will! c:

Yooo! I’ve worked on a model for emo-furi but I don’t have the time to finish it before I leave. I’ll try to when I will be back in August, for now enjoy this WIP! 

Agitha joins Hyrule Warriors and my 13 years old self gets all of her dreams fullfilled.

I wanted to draw her dress since like middle school but did it only today. What a shame.

  · The stars above us, govern our conditions


Born from onone-chan’s headcanons and our discussions. Inspired by her amazing design of the Elvenqueen (x, x, x, x).


You don’t remember how young you were when for the first time you saw her move her pale hands swiftly, sawing together what in your imagination could only be stars. “She’s making a dress of stars” you thought. You pressed your face in the fabric, and imagined to swim in the sky, to breath ancient things, to purify your being and become one with the light, the light one with you. When you woke, you found yourself submerged in the silk. It still had your mother scent on it.

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Okay I will probably delete this later because this is an art blog for my own stuff, but I wanted to give this thing a little advertisement on here too.

This work belongs to my beloved cousin and, as it is written there, this is based on my Queen of Mirkwood design and headcanons and probably the fact that I constantly talk about Tolkien elves and come up with sad things and whine and cry

However I feel so happy she did this and I really suggest you to read it, no matter the topic, because it is a beautiful and well written short story (which for as fas as I concern is her field).  

I’m so excited for the new Zelda game that fanart came out spontaneously.